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We pride ourselves on our customer service & commitment to our clients, thereby ensuring both sellers and purchasers receive the very best advice and guidance which we possibly can give. With years of committed experience, Silver Tree Estates is a proven force within the West Rand property marketplace.

Silver Tree Estates was established by Diane in 1998 and is still growing, currently being seen by customers within the West Rand as a clear market leader not only in property sales and rentals but customer service excellence.

Today the team enjoys a well-earned reputation and mutual respect from business professionals and customers alike. Taking pride and responsibility for our actions is a key focus for our agents with our motto being...


Although the property market is still buoyant in the area, this also correlates to “why the initial selling price being correctly priced is so important!!!” We have often heard home sellers say, “Let’s try for a little more, we can always come down.” Whilst the theory is true, this can often have a major impact on the sale of your property.

When contemplating the initial selling price of your property, you must be aware of the fact that the buyers already know about the market and they will compare your offer with the other homes on the market. If the buyers find that you are offering a fair market price, the house will be visited by the maximum number of interested buyers. When you quote an exceedingly high selling price for your house and then reduce the price drastically you may be missing the opportunity to sell the house for the price for which it is really worth. Buyers who show keen interest in a property may get suspicious about a sudden price reduction and will have the impression that there is something radically wrong with the property. Hence it is all the more important to quote the correct price for the house initial.

To attract more buyers an inflated price for your house is unlikely to receive serious offers from potential buyers. When the house is correctly priced not too high when compared to the conceived market price, it will attract more genuine buyers to the property and therefore increased competition for the home. Those who quote over market value will receive only few responses and the lessened competition will mean that buyers will hold the negotiation power. Get the home sold quicker The longer your house is on the market, typically this means the lower the price you will be getting the property.

When there is delay in selling a house it usually means a bad impression is being made about the property in the marketplace and if there is something as that is perceived wrong with the home this usually means you may have to be compelled to sell it for a price that is considerably lower than the true market value.

Property Management:-

Silvertree holds current registration certificates with all the regulatory bodies relevant to managing agents in South Africa: the Estate Agency Affairs Board (“EAAB”), the National Association of Managing Agents (“NAMA”) and the Council for Debt Collectors. Silvertree combines specialist skills, customized computer information systems, a national infrastructure and economies of scale to provide a comprehensive property management service with client service excellence as an overriding objective.

Our compulsory management duties are in strict accordance as set out in the Amended Section Titles Act (STSMA) Act 8 of 2011 and the Community Scheme Ombud Service (CSOS) Act 9 of 2011.

A dedicated portfolio manager, supported by a portfolio administrator, serves as a single point of entry for all trustee and owner service requests. Specialized support teams, comprising accountants, maintenance administrators, debt collectors, municipal account, creditor’s payment and clearance certificate administrators, as well as building inspectors, closely support the portfolio manager teams. Considerable emphasis has been placed on online and electronic reporting to provide fast and efficient management information; management reports and a property library are directly available through an online property portal. World-class, same day service delivery is the service delivery objective for all Silvertree portfolio management teams.

Our dedicated Portfolio Specialists assist Trustees with quotations, meet contractors on site, oversee projects on behalf of the Trustees.

These are the reasons why Silvertree is your preferred managing agent:

- Free online property portal with real-time and convenient access to your property’s documents, financial reports, building information, contact details and owner messaging functionality. - Comprehensive financial management reports circulated monthly by e-mail and available online to effectively manage expenses and variances. - Electronic document management system to secure and archive all property documentation, reports and records. Also supports electronic audit file collation to achieve a time- and cost-effective audit. - Annual maintenance inspections conducted to compile a maintenance plan and budget. - Trustee and director training programs available directly and online via Paddocks at discounted rates. - Unsurpassed honesty and integrity as property managing agents spans since 1998. - Each Body Corporate have their own bank account. - Promptly held AGM's ensure efficient management. - Our experienced maintenance specialist who will ensure it's done right, first time! - Owners enjoy quick access to local service providers with proven track records.

As a scheme executive, body corporate or homeowner's association member, do you want to sit back and relax, knowing that: Your scheme or estate is in good hands? Your organization's surplus funds are in your own bank account? Your Cash flow will never be a problem? Your property insurance is handled by professionals? You always receive the right advice in times of need?

Our management style is an Open Office, Friendly, yet No Nonsense approach without Frills or Fuss. We are sufficiently trained and qualified to work in our industry and we know our business. We are a trustworthy company with hardworking staff and our work is transparent, open for all to see. We choose to educate our clients according to the Laws and Acts which govern our industry and work processes.

Our Other Services include:-

- Meter Readings – Electricity and Water - Maintenance – All Types - Plumbing – All Types – & Geyser Replacement to SABS Approval - Painting – Supervised – Work Guaranteed – Big or Small Projects - Light Load Transport and Deliveries.

Home Letting:-

Silvertree Home Letting is the leading residential letting agency in Gauteng, letting and managing residential properties across all major metropolitan areas. Silvertree Home Letting has a large selection of homes to rent to suit all budgets and tastes.

If you’re looking for apartments, houses, freestanding homes or flats to rent, our professional team of letting consultants will make the process of searching, renting and moving into a new home as convenient and comfortable as possible.

For landlords and property investors, Silvertree's specialist multi-channel marketing, industry experience and brand visibility ensures that your residential property investments are quickly and effectively leased to the right tenant at a competitive rental. Silvertree ensures that all the correct tenant screening and legal processes are followed with signing a new lease, thereby safeguarding and maximizing rental income on rental properties.

We take pride and responsibility for our actions is a key focus for our agents with our motto being

Renting Tips

Six great tips for tenants to ensure trouble-free renting

Under ideal circumstances, renting a property should be a smooth and hassle-free process. Unfortunately, like many things in life, it doesn’t always go according to plan. Disputes between rental agents, landlords and tenants are all too common, and can sour the rental experience for everyone involved.

1. Budget conservatively
The cost of living in South Africa is on the rise, which means a rental at the edge of affordability now may become more than you can handle at a later date. It’s far better to budget conservatively and have some wiggle room, than to risk falling into arrears and facing potential eviction down the line. “If you do find yourself in financial difficulty, it’s best to be honest with your landlord or letting agent, as they will be more likely to make allowances if they are aware of the situation”

2. Read the fine print
All of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant should be outlined in your lease agreement, so read it very carefully and make sure you understand everything it contains. Check notice periods, rent increase procedures, and any penalties or fees that may be levied, as well as rules of conduct, and any expenses like utilities that may be billed in addition to your rental. If you’re unsure of the legalities, we recommends talking to an objective professional rather than taking a chance. “It’s generally easier - and less stressful - to avoid a signing an unfair or illegal lease than it is to resolve any resulting disputes further down the line”

3. Check for red flags
It’s not always possible to talk to a previous tenant about the rental property you’re considering, so make sure you check for issues like water pressure and cell phone reception that might not be immediately obvious, but could be difficult to fix once you move in. You should also keep an eye out for warning signs that could indicate bigger problems. A particularly rundown property, for example, might mean a landlord who habitually neglects his maintenance responsibilities. “That’s not a good sign that future problems will be repaired appropriately”

4. Insist on an incoming inspection
Make sure you conduct an incoming inspection with digital photographic evidence in the presence of either your rental agent or landlord. The purpose of this inspection is to make a note of any pre-existing defects that exist in the property, like cracked tiles, damaged fittings, stains, and so forth, so you can’t be held responsible for them at the end of your lease.“Remember, your landlord isn’t obligated to fix these defects at this point, unless they directly impact on your ability to use the property for its intended purpose” “If there’s something seriously wrong, it’s better to note it early and specify in your lease agreement that it is to be repaired before you move in”

5. Participate in the outgoing inspection
You’re far less likely to have strange expenses deducted from your deposit if you’re present during the outgoing inspection conducted by your rental agent or landlord. Bring a copy of any defects listed on your incoming inspection, photographs and any relevant correspondence relating to repairs or maintenance issues that have arisen during your stay.

6. Know your rights
The Rental Housing Act recognizes the right of property owners to receive a reasonable return on their investment, but obliges them to look after their properties and treat tenants fairly. From privacy, to the repayment of deposits, property maintenance and the Rental Housing Tribunal, this act outlines all of the rights you have as a tenant. "The best advice I can give to a tenant is to read the Rental Housing Act. It is, in my view, neither too long nor too difficult to comprehend" If you are still concerned about potential pitfalls, consider approaching a reputable rental agent rather than searching for a rental, independently. “A good agent will be able to recommend a well-managed property that suits your particular needs, and you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that the contracts and procedures comply with all the applicable legislation” “A good rental is one that benefits both the landlord and the tenant, and a capable rental agent goes a long way towards making this possible”

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Meet The Team

It's All About You... Our Client

Diane is our principal, she set-up the company in 1998 and has successfully built the company to be a reliable force within the industry. Diane's commitment and inspiration to her customers and team is well known within the estate agency field. Diane will always go the extra mile for her clients, and this has resulted in many people buying and then reselling their homes many times via Silver Tree Estates.

Diane Turk
Owner & Principle


Hiki is relatively new in the property business, after a successful career in management within the corporate world, Hiki decided to join Diane in business. Together they make a strong team and a force to be reckoned with within the property sales and rental markets within the areas. Hiki is a caring person that goes out of his way to assist both clients and the team alike and with his extensive management skills is a valued member of the team.

Hiki Turk
Intern Estate Agent

Maggie has a wealth of knowledge and has been in the industry for many years, and has established an excellent reputation with her clients as being helpful and caring to ensure the right fit both sellers and buyers. Maggie will always go out of her way to ensure her clients get the very best opportunities when either selling their homes or buying their new dream home, so for the service excellence you want and need give Maggie a call today.

Maggie Erasmus
Estate Agent


Miriam is a dynamic person with a caring manner and personality, she is more than willing to go out of her way to assist clients. Miriam is not only an estate agent that sells homes... her real specialty and passion is handling our properties rental business, this requires a close and trusting relationship with our property owners and tenants. So if you have a property to lease or you're looking for that perfect rental, or just want to buy, then please contact her today.

Miriam Botha
Intern Estate Agent

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